Homecoming Guide for Guys and Gals

“Homecoming is a great chance to hangout with all of your friends and have a good time,” Junior Kenzie Baucum said.

September 25, 2017


photo provided by Kenzie Baucum

photo provided by Kenzie Baucum

Starting in this fall, high schools will be launching parades and pep rallies in preparation of their homecoming football game, ending the week off with an incredibly memorable dance. Sometimes choosing where to eat before and picking a dress can inspire a bit of anxiety. Having a girl’s guide can help avoid all stress and anxiety for this special night.

What to wear:

Ladies, this is your chance to shine. Since homecoming is not as formal as prom, keep this in mind for a less stressful day of shopping. When choosing a strapless dress, be careful that it fits your bust, otherwise, you will be adjusting your dress all night.

“Wear something you are comfortable in,” junior Kenzie Baucum said. “Not something that will please everyone else.”

If you choose to wear high heels, bring a backup pair of sandals to change into to avoid aching feet throughout the night.

Date or No Date?:

It is okay if you do not get asked to homecoming. Be bold and take the initiative to ask your group of friends to go with you. If you are falling short and feel like you have no idea what to do, take a look at Pinterest for a few ideas on how to ask your friends to homecoming. Date or no date, homecoming will be enjoyable either way.
“Homecoming is a great chance to hangout with all of your friends and have a good time,” Baucum said.  “Having a date is just another person you can hang with while you are there.”

Beauty Preparation:  

A girl’s worst nightmare is to find herself stuck with a bad hairdo, orange spray tan, or raccoon eyes before the night’s festivities. To avoid these mishaps, test your makeup before the night of the dance. Also try to schedule your hair appointment at least a month in advance. You do not want to be competing for a stylist the week before homecoming. If you pick an intricate hair style, ask your hairstylist if they can do a style test run the week before.

Now that you have the materials for this special night, the final step is to have the time of your life. Make it a night to remember.



Photo Provided by Ben Ridder

To decide plans for homecoming, one must decide if they are going with a date or a group of friends. This decision can change what to wear, where to take pictures and how to ask a date.

What to wear:

If taking a date, it is appropriate to match their attire. It is obvious to wear the same color as your date, but complimenting colors can take your homecoming pictures from good to great. If your date wears a navy dress, a traditional black suit would clash with their dress. Try a gray suit with a navy tie for an exciting look. Homecoming dresses are often colorful, but a good way to match is a black suit with a matching tie. If you choose to go with a group of friends, a navy suit goes a long way into looking stylish.


If one chooses to go with only a date, an intimate picture setting is ideal. Most homecoming pictures are taken at Fort Zumwalt Park, but for the best picture, try a new venue.

“The best place for a couple is either somewhere special to them or somewhere pretty,” senior Anna Laughlin said. “I think The Meadows, a park or New town are good places, but there are always little secret places that are beautiful for couples.”

New town has countless amounts of beautiful scenery for that perfect picture to show your grandparents. Park 370 is a great place for photos no matter the weather, since there is a large pavilion to take pictures under. If you are going with a group of friends, larger options like Main Street will better suit your needs. No matter where a group takes pictures, make sure to plan ahead and scout out where photos will look best.


It has long been said that it is hard to be a guy because of proposals, but if planned correctly, there will not be any stress. Whether it is asking a friend or someone you like, preparation is key. Do not wait until the last minute to ask someone to go as your date. Ask early, but get creative. Pinterest can spark awesome ideas. There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on a proposal. Ask friends for help, and use some posterboard and markers to create a homemade poster that will make your date feel special.

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