Solar Eclipse Warning

Solar Eclipse Warning




Did you know the sun is the most powerful source of energy in the solar system?


Did you know the energy the sun releases is so intense it can burn a hole straight through your eye?


Alright, now think magnifying glass.

Much like a how a magnifying glass focuses the light’s energy,

the lenses in our eyes do this as well.

This quite literally runs the risk of light going through your pupil, to your eye’s lens and finally burning a hole right to the back of your retina.


How fun!


In conclusion, please do not look at the eclipse until it is 100% covered.

You will damage your eyes, there is no question about, it is only a matter of how much damage is done.


Also, if you end up being sick that day and happen to have some glasses laying around, and want to muster up the energy to watch it then you need to make sure your glasses are certified!


Make sure the glasses are certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The glasses should mark that they meet “ISO 12312-2” safety standards