Are Leggings too Revealing?

Libby Decker , Staff Writer

Available in a rainbow of colors and patterns, they are typically thinner than most jeans but thicker than tights, these trendy pants are known as “leggings.” They have become somewhat of a standard uniform for school girls, but are they becoming too revealing for school? Similar to short-shorts and baggy jeans, some public schools have had problems with the way their students dress and now leggings are becoming the new target of school dress codes.

Districts across the country have protested or outright banned leggings by naming them “too distracting” to teenage boys. According to, Haven Middle School in Evanston, Illinois, banned leggings because they were too distracting to other students. Some of the parents and other observers were concerned by the new rule, wondering why the students were being punished. Due to feedback, the principle of Haven Middle School sent out an email to the parents stating that she did not ban leggings, but it has been communicated to the students that “if leggings are worn, a shirt, shorts, or skirt must be worn over them and must be fingertip length.” However, this did not help the situation. Parents wondered why some students must cover up body parts that are already covered up by the leggings. However, others feel that leggings are too inappropriate for school environments.  


Some students of West High were asked if they thought leggings were too revealing. 74 percent of the student said that leggings are not too revealing.

“No, leggings are not too revealing but it depends on how they are worn and its durability and if you can see through them,” junior Grace Maurer said.

The other 26 percent of students said they are too revealing, but some also agree that it depends on how they are worn.

“Yes, especially people who pull them up too high should not be allowed to wear them,” senior Matt Maguire said. “And the see through ones, does not help that half of the girls have zero self respect.”