What Popcorn is your Zodiac Sign?


photo provided by pixabay.com

Mackenzie Day, Creative Director



March 21-April 20

Aries is white cheddar because of the energetic  and adventurous energy you have, not too energetic where it is a wild flavor but just enough to be more than butter.

White Cheddar

April 21-May 21

Taurus is buttered popcorn because of the reliable and persistent tendencies, so you take the prize for original buttered popcorn.


May 22-June 21

Gemini is caramel nut because they are classified as versatile and adaptable, and what is more versatile than having nuts with popcorn?
Caramel Nut
June 22-July 22

The sign Cancer is pumpkin spice flavored because of the imaginative personality. The sign is willing to go outside of the norm, but at the same time, they stay within social limits.Pumpkin Spice
July 23-August 21

Leo is considered to be chocolate drizzle because their warm hearts melt like chocolate over their intellectual minds. Chocolate Drizzle
August 22-September 23

Virgo is kettle corn because of the modesty and practicality they possess, allowing them not to go too far out of the box, yet they are spunky enough for the usual.Kettle Corn
September 24-October 23

Red velvet popcorn is a Libra’s popcorn because they are romantic and charming, yet easy going at the same time. What is more romantic than red velvet?Red Velvet
October 24-November 22

Scorpio is jalapeno cheddar because of their jealous nature which adds a ‘zing’ to their flavor. Also, the passion inside of them gives the element of cheddar to be more tasty than plain popcorn.Jalapeno Cheddar
November 23-December 22

Sagittarius is fruit rainbow flavored because of the free-spirit these signs have. They hold no creative limit, so why not just go crazy with fruit rainbow popcorn?
Fruit Rainbow
December 23-January 20

Capricorn is dark chocolate sea salt because they are practical, which signifies the dark chocolate. At the same time, they can be slightly salty if provoked.Dark Chocolate Sea Salt
January 21-February 19

Aquarius’ are s’mores flavored because of the inviting and friendly vibe they give off to everyone. They are dependable on others, just like all elements of a s’mores.S’mores
February 20-March 20

Peppermint bark popcorn is a Pisces’ flavor because of how imaginative they can be. They are able to use their creative mind more than others and provide a familiar atmosphere- just like a peppermint aroma does around the holiday season.Peppermint Bark