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Scandalous Politicians

Lilian Tollison, Editor in Chief

In the world of politics, there is corruptio...  Read More »

The gun control dilemma

Sarah Hollstrom, Co-Editor-In-Chief

To some, it is a curse word and to other...  Read More »

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Dear Class of 2020

Mark Heitman, Opinion Editor

The 2016-2017 school year is starting up and ...  Read More »

Making the most of summertime

Liv Jackson, Online Editor

With the school year coming to an end, e...  Read More »

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  • Comparing fast food advertisements to reality

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Recent Sports Scores

  • Thursday, September 10

    Girls Tennis

    FZWHS 5 - Howell Central 1

  • Thursday, September 10

    Boys Soccer

    FZWHS 3 - Francis Howell 2

  • Tuesday, September 8

    Boys Soccer

    FZWHS 1 - Howell Central 2

  • Tuesday, September 8

    Boys Soccer – JV

    FZWHS 2 - Howell Central 1

  • Saturday, September 5

    Boys Soccer

    FZWHS 2 - Oakville 1

How to have the best summer concerts

Grace Goodsell, Creative Director

When attending the concert of your favorite ar...  Read More »

Teenage celebrities that influence the world positively

Olivia Jackson, Online Editor

Zendaya Coleman- Age: 19 Recognition: Disney Channel actre...  Read More »

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Goals for higher achievements

Mackenzie Day, Creative Director

Setting goals allows people to predict ...  Read More »

Unknown, Amazing Sports

Paul Wunnenburg, Cover Artist

It is an elegant evening; the birds are ...  Read More »

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  • Cross Country: A Promising Season is Upon Us
  • On the right track

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The student publication of Fort Zumwalt West High School
The student publication of Fort Zumwalt West High School